E.T. Phone Home -- Share With Your Loved Ones!

Looking For The Right Words To Express Your Feelings?

Sometimes, hearing our message from someone else has more impact on those we love most. Read below and then share with all those you cherish.

My Dearest One,

You know how much I love you. Whether we communicate daily, once a month or just occasionally, I know you feel the same way.

In the great scheme of things, life is so short. In the blink of an eye, the years fly by.

I'm not writing to make you feel guilty. Quite the contrary. My goal is to ensure that as time passes when you're in a reflective mood you'll feel really good inside.

It's in the nature of things for children to grow up and separate from their parents and grandparents while the bond of love remains steadfast.

Yet in this new and technologically enhanced era, the forms of communication have changed so dramatically from my childhood that I just had to express my feelings.

It's wonderful that you text and Facebook message me so that I'm included in your life. I know these forms of communication fill your desire to keep in touch while ensuring I won't keep you on the phone too long:) I really do get it!

Most of the time, this works for me. But if I'm truly honest, I want more.

The times we shared when you were a youngster were the most wonderful of my life.

Everything pales compared to the moment I first laid eyes on your tiny, squirming newborn body. You brought me such great joy while growing up and experiencing things that were new and exciting.

As your first tooth came in -- then fell out -- I taught you about the tooth fairy.

I'll never forget the look on your face as you left for school, or your thrill when you officially became a teen, or the magic as 18 years passed and finally, at 21, reached full liberation!

In between, we shared so many wonderful experiences in person, face-to-face, holding hands, hugs, kisses, tears, laughter -- all the trials and joy of growing up.

As an adult, we have a healthy separation. It's what I wanted for you. I was as mentally and emotionally prepared as any parent or grandparent can be. I knew we'd be spending less time together.

And then the age of the Internet dawned and spawned new, yet less personal forms of keeping in touch.

Now, we communicate with greater frequency than I had actually anticipated. And for this I am so grateful.

But I want and need some quality time. And, I think you will also someday -- only then it might be too late. No one lives forever. I'm planning on sticking around for a long time. But life has a way of playing funny tricks, and you never know.

So, I'm taking this opportunity to share with you my innermost feelings. Don't stop texting and messaging me. It's great.

But virtual communication will never replace the real thing. The warmth I feel when I hold you in my arms or give you a kiss and hug can't be communicated via a text.

You miss this too, I know. Yet I believe you are unaware of it. However, I'm certain at the innermost core of my being that you long for a stronger physical connection.

We create our own reality and have the power to shape it to our will.

So, what I'm asking you my beloved is to pause and ponder for a few moments. Figure out a way that we can share some special time.

We don't need to see each other every day. How about we chat by phone and figure out a way to share more moments together? Actual talking will feel so good.

You'll be happy you made the time. I'm positive! As for me, it will enhance my life immeasurably.

I love you so much and look forward to hearing from you soon.

P.S. In case you think it's just me -- listen to Oscar winner J.K. Simmons.


Dave Kanegis is a Certified Professional Coach and works via telephone, Skype, FaceTime and in-person. He holds Master's Degrees in Education and Psychology and is the creator of Mind Acrobatics™