Etan Patz Case: Newspaper Front Pages Cover Pedro Hernandez's Arrest (PHOTOS)

The search for what happened to missing child Etan Patz may have finally come to end on Thursday, when a man implicated himself in the boy's disappearance and death.

Police arrested Pedro Hernandez, 51, after he confessed to luring the boy with the promise of a soda and then strangling him. It is the first arrest in the thirty-three year old case.

Patz went missing in SoHo in May 1979. His disappearance was a national story — Patz was famously the first missing child to appear on a milk carton, and sparked a nationwide movement focused on missing children.

The newest break in the case has been receiving "full-court press" from local and national news outlets. In New York, some stations broke into regularly-scheduled programming with Mayor Bloomberg's press conference about Hernandez's confession.

City newspapers also splashed the story on Friday morning. Below, see how they covered the story.

Newspapers' Etan Patz front pages