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15 Amazing Etch-A-Sketch Creations

Today marks the anniversary of the beloved mechanical drawing toy, the Etch-A-Sketch. Imagined by the late French inventor André Cassagnes, the simple hand-held device was first sold on this day 53 years ago.

To celebrate the big day, we've discovered some of the best Etch-A-Sketch artworks. From an impressive portrait of the Mona Lisa to the King of Rock 'n' Roll, these aluminum powder masterpieces show just how amazing the L’Ecran Magique can be. Let us know how you are celebrating Cassagnes's invention in the comments.

Mona Lisa
slide 1
(Via It's Truly Random)

slide 2
(Via GV Art + Design)

American Gothic
slide 3

slide 4
(Via GV Art + Design)

Starry Night
slide 5
(Via Holy Taco)

President Obama
slide 6
(Via GV Art + Design)

Birth of Venus
slide 7
(Via Imgur)

slide 8

The Wizard of Oz
slide 9

Pulp Fiction
pulp fiction
(Via Filmonic)

Rubik's Cube
slide 11
(Via Deviantart: Pikajane)

slide 12

Home Alone
slide 13
(Via Deviantart: Pikajane)

The Beatles
(Via Filmonic)

Phantom of the Opera
slide 14
(Via YouTube)

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