Ethan Bortnick, Piano-Playing Prodigy: Amazingly Talented 11-Year-Old Sets A Guinness Record (VIDEO)

Ethan Bortnick is one of those children who are so talented they have to be seen to believed. The young pianist has already performed with the likes of Beyonce and Elton John, but now he has an honor even they can't claim.

Guinness has awarded Bortnick the record for the world's Youngest Solo Musician to Headline His Own Tour. He actually won the award for a tour he began at the age of 9. Now, two years later, the phenom is heading on a 22-city tour of America.

Bortnick spoke with The Guardian about the tour, which he's calling "It's All About Music." "I'm going to bring a lot of people on stage," the young man told the paper. "You never know what's going to happen!"

Photos of the smiling star with the likes of Justin Bieber, John and the Jonas Brothers are available on his website. He's playing nearly every day in late July and early August, so head over to his page to see if he'll be heading to a venue near you.

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