Ethan Walmark, 6-Year-Old With Autism, Plays 'Piano Man' By Billy Joel

Ethan Walmark, 6, was diagnosed with autism four years ago.

"It feels like yesterday. Four years. It feels like an eternity," his parents, Michael and Allison, wrote on their Autism Speaks fundraising page.

Ethan has a rare musical gift that also serves as therapy -- Westport Patch reported that he could play the Beatles' "I Will" on the piano by ear when he was 4. At the 2011 Autism Speaks Walk, Ethan wowed an audience of 15,000 with his impressive skills. And now, a new YouTube video of Ethan playing the Billy Joel classic "Piano Man" has gone viral. Commenters agree that he's both amazing and inspirational; Gawker called the video a reason to "wake up smiling."

Watch the video above and see for yourself.