26 Inspiring Gifts To Share With Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

26 Inspiring Gifts To Share With Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Religion inspires people to do amazing things -- whether it’s forming an interfaith coffee collective in Uganda or repurposing metals used for war into beautiful jewelry.

When you're deciding what to get your loved ones this holiday season, consider an organization that was fueled by faith to support underserved communities around the world.

Many of these organizations have more offerings than the ones we selected, so peruse their websites if you don't find exactly what you are looking for, and comment below if you know of other amazing ethical gifts that aren't included in our guide.

After all, the only thing better than the perfect holiday gift is a perfect holiday gift with a cause.

Happy holidays!

Coexist Onesie
Known for its bumper stickers, the Coexist Campaign is also selling clothing and coffee. The organization claims 100% of its net profits from the sale of this onesie will fund a rural girls' school in India.Purchase from Coexist
Thich Nhat Hanh-Inspired Watch
The "It's Now" watch is available for a limited time through a Shambhala Sun Foundation Auction. It will remind you that the most precious time is now.Purchase from Blue Cliff Monastery
"Peace On Earth" Double Hemisphere Necklace
We may be divided by geography, but we're united in our desire for peace. This double hemisphere necklace is cast from metal that was once part of disarmed and recycled American nuclear weapon systems, according to its design company, From War to Peace.Purchase from From War to Peace.
Fair Trade Coffee
The Mirembe Kawomera (Delicious Peace) Coffee company began in 2003 when Jewish, Christian, and Muslim neighbors in Uganda decided to put aside their differences and form a cooperative. The cooperative is now composed of over 1,000 members, including Sinina Namudosi, a young Muslim farmer. "We are working together, different tribes and different religions, together," Namudosi says.Purchase from Mirembe Kawomera
Olive Oil
Koinonia Farms, a Christian farming community in Georgia, has partnered with Canaan Fair Trade to sell olive oil produced by Palestinian farmers. This Nabali tree olive oil has a "fruity flavor with a slightly peppery finish," according to Koinonia. Purchase from Koinonia
Say A Little Prayer Cards
These prayer cards, created by Giovanni Bianco, contains wisdom from ten spiritual traditions, including Brazilian Candomblé, Buddhism, Catholicism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Judaism, Kabbalah, Islam, Protestantism, and Shinto.Purchase from Taschen
Ujamaa Collective
Ujamaa Collective is a non-profit organization of women of African descent who are entrepreneurs, artisans and artists. The collective produces clothing, home decor and jewelry like these gorgeous wooden, hand-painted earrings.Purchase from Ujamaa Collective
Beautiful prints and photos from Art for Orphans
This print from the film “Oklahoma” depicts a stunning view of the Wichita River and is just one of countless offerings from Art for Orphans. Founded by Rethink Creative Group, the website sells work from multiple artists and sends the proceeds to a woman working with the organization to support orphans in Zambia.Purchase from Print by Linz Tuberville / Art for Orphans
"I Am Peace" from Mala Collective
The “I Am Peace” amethyst necklace is an offering of the Mala Collective, an organization that employs artists in Bali and donates a portion of its profits to a non-profit birthing and wellness center in called Bumi Sehat.Purchase from Mala Collective
Interfaith Holiday Sweater
We’re loving this bright, colorful holiday sweater, with symbols from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and other world religions. Purchase from British Christmas Jumpers
Fair Trade Yarmulkes
Maya Works supports women in Guatemala through economic development and microcredit programs, as well as by selling fair trade crafts made by the women through its website. Among their many offerings are these colorful, crochet yarmulkes.Purchase from Maya Works
Bird Family Menorah
Cambodian designers, trained by the Rajana Association of Cambodia, created this menorah from recycled metal nuts and screws.Purchase from Rajana Association of Cambodia / Sold by Ten Thousand Villages
Fair Trade Gelt
This guilt-free Hanukkah gelt is made with cocoa beans produced by the Kuapa Kokoo, a Ghanaian farmers’ co-op. These farmers are shareholders in The Day Chocolate Company, which sells Divine Chocolate. Purchase from Divine Chocolate
Equal Exchange Black Coffee
Equal Exchange partners with twelve different faith groups to raise awareness about fair trade practices. They have a wide offering of fair trade coffee, chocolate, tea and other products that would make great holiday gifts. Their Organic Black teas are perfect for the season, and the organization also has an offering of Kosher chocolates for your Jewish friends and family.Purchase from Equal Exchange
The Craziest Thing T-shirt
"The craziest thing we can do is nothing," according to Charity Water -- and we couldn't agree more. The organization funds water projects around the world. Its founder, Scott Harrison, says his faith inspired him to make a difference.Purchase from Charity Water
Delicious Holiday Cookies
Nothing says “Happy Holidays” better than two pounds of delicious cookies. This particular assortment comes from Homeboy Industries, an organization that employs and serves high-risk, formerly gang-involved men and women through a variety of social enterprises and training programs. The charity was the brainchild of Father Gregory Boyles, who was inspired by his faith to help youth in Los Angeles.Purchase from Homeboy
Handwoven Stocking
We're sure Santa would be delighted with this cheery, handwoven stocking created by artisans in India. The gift is sold by Yobel Market, a fair trade retailer whose founders were inspired by their faith. Purchase from Yobel Market
Triple Pocket Crossbody Bag
With three individual compartments, this versatile bag will surely keep you organized. It was designed by Love 41 founder Suzette Munson, who visited Rwanda in 2010 and was troubled by the poverty and trauma she witnessed there. After praying to God about how she could help, she started an online retail business and dedicated 100% of the profits to Africa New Life Ministries. Her organization's name is taken from Psalm 41, which reads, "Blessed is he who considers the poor."Purchase from Love 41
Sole Hope Nyabo Sandals
These leather sandals were crafted in Uganda. Sole Hope founders Asher and Dru are trying to raise awareness about how to prevent diseases that enter through the feet. Its staff members believe "actions based on love and hope can change a nation."Purchase from Sole Hope
Greeting Cards
Women of Hope International sells blank greeting cards handcrafted from local fabric scraps by women with disabilities in Sierra Leone. The cards come with envelopes, and profits go back to the artisans who crafted them.Purchase from Women of Hope International
Proverbs 31 Shirt
This shirt features text from Proverbs 31:25, which reads, "She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future." The Night Light organization employs women from Bangkok, Thailand who are seeking to escape sex work.Purchase from Night Light International
Orange Flower Messenger Bag
This messenger bag was created by women in Burundi, in Southeast Africa, who came to Amahoro Burundi to learn new skills and find spiritual nourishment. Founders Goreth and Evariste fled war and ethnic cleansing, but returned home to "help rebuild their country." Purchase from Amahoro Burundi
Dandelion Gold Bar Necklace
This hand-stamped necklace was produced by survivors of sex trafficking in Charlotte, North Carolina and West Palm Beach, Florida. Fields of Hope is a branch of On Eagles Wings Ministries.Purchase from Fields of Hope
"Believe" Necklace
This simple stamped necklace was created by women in rural Haiti, as part of 2nd Story Goods, a branch of Much Ministries.Purchase from 2nd Story Goods
"Love Love Love" Necklace
The “Love, Love, Love” necklace is a rose gold plated chain with a hand-pounded copper heart and rose quartz gemstones. The piece was crafted by Bayoush Mengesha of the Devi Arts Collective, which supports the work of artists and artisans around the world.Purchase from Devi Arts Collective
Elephant Coasters
These mango wood coasters were lovingly hand carved. Sales will support Rahab's Rope, a faith-based organization that rescues women who were forced into sex work in India.Purchase from Asha Handicrafts / Rahab's Rope

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