Ethical Oil: The Puppet Rap

It's time for Friday funnies, and the top hit today is Ethical Oil: The Puppet Rap, which first popped up over at The Tyee.

It's a foul-mouthed, satirical music video remix of Kathryn Marshall's ridiculous PR gymnastics to avoid answering a basic question from CBC's Evan Solomon whether Enbridge funds the Ethical Oil Institute. The second half features "Easy-E" Ezra Levant, the founder of the Ethical Oil Institute and creator of the 'ethical oil' talking point.

Check it out:

The satirical music video was created by Caitlin Dodd, David Henderson-Hean, Kai Nagata, Spencer Powell and Emile Scott.

Head over to The Tyee for the annotated lyrics, complete with supporting links to more information about each topic covered in the satirical smackdown of Ethical Oil.

Download an mp3 of the Puppet Rap track at There's even a ringtone available. "Enjoy the dulcet tones of a plush tar sands apologist with every incoming call!" Nagata says. 

If none of this makes any sense to you, watch Kathryn Marshall's original interview with Evan Solomon on CBC:

And check out these articles from DeSmogBlog for more background: 

Lastly, since it's Friday and we're sharing YouTube videos, here's a reprise of Rick Mercer's fantastic takedown of the Ethical Oil crowd's 'radical environmentalists' misdirection campaign:

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