Ethnic Studies Background Increases Job Marketability

You pitch yourself every day. Whether it be to a friend or a client, a job or a new business venture, pitching is a daily process of life that involves knowing people, knowing about people, and knowing how to communicate with people.

You could get a degree in psychology, or study anthropology, but the key to develop quality rapport and expert networking promotability, is an ethnic studies background.

Ethnic studies is the minority of college majors. There are not many universities who offer an ethnic studies and it's understandable, quite honestly. This field of study is often believed to be "for people who hate white people," or for people who are too revolutionary, or extremists against the United States of America.

As a soon-to-be graduate with a degree in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Mexican American Studies, I have observed five different skills that a student that goes through an ethnic studies program develops and can magnetize on to increase their job marketability.

Dual language: Most ethnic studies program course catalogs feature a language component where students are either required to take foreign language courses, or course syllabi where an area of study (i.e literature, television, etc.) is comprised of some foreign language.

Global studies: One might not want to work in international affairs or have an interest in any multinational relations, but an ethnic studies background increases your cultural and historical knowledge from people from the smallest country on Earth, to your next door neighbor.

Cultural relations: Experience in cultural relations will allow you to relate to people from different perspectives allowing you to market yourself to them from a more personal perspective.

Political discourse: Once one enrolls in ethnic studies course it will quickly be discovered that it is the key to having a proper and thorough understanding of politics.

Research: There is always something new to learn and with an ethnic studies background, research and critical thinking skills will ready in your back pocket.