This First Class Luxury Airplane Cabin Will Fill You With Rage

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We’ve all experienced that twinge of irritation when a flight attendant whooshes the curtain shut between first class and coach. Maybe you’ve felt a flash of anger as you pass luxury pods in first class on your way back to the land of little leg room. A recent study showed that walking through first class on the way to coach can lead to "air rage." In fact, air rage incidents are nearly four times likelier to happen on planes with first-class cabins. But you haven’t yet experienced the intense fury you’ll encounter on this video tour of Etihad Airways’ first class apartments.

Etihad Airways, the national airline of United Arab Emirates, has fitted their Airbus A380 with private “first apartments,” which come equipped with a leather armchair, bed, complimentary loungewear and access to a shower.

On a recent Etihad Airways flight from Sydney, Australia to Abu Dhabi, UAE, YouTuber Eddie Khoo reviewed the first apartment experience. Khoo, who often shares videos of his travel experiences, documented everything from the complimentary champagne to the in-flight shower. And trust us, you will feel jealous.

Upon boarding, first class passengers are escorted to their apartments and treated to a glass of champagne. The compartment’s leather sofa converts into a bed.

The first class bathroom has an in-flight shower, which Khoo points out does not have an adjustable shower head. However will bathers cope?

First class passengers enjoy a multi-course tasting menu, complete with an amuse-bouche and palate cleanser between courses.

When passengers are tuckered out after a long night of drinking champagne, enjoying fine meals and watching in-flight entertainment, a flight attendant will make up the bed for them.

Meanwhile, in coach, you’re fighting for overhead bin space, fielding kicks to the seat from the child behind you and bangs to the elbow from careening drink carts. Seems fair.