'Eton Style:' British Students Parody Psy's Smash Hit In Hilarious Music Video

The "Gangnam Style" craze has officially reached the other side of the pond.

Korean pop star Psy's smash music video (almost 500,000,000 views and counting) has now been rehashed and re-danced by everyone from the Ohio marching band to the U.S. Naval Academy.

Now the hit has a new parody, this one courtesy of the upper echelons of young British society. The British music video was produced by a group of students at Eton College, the expensive and utterly upper crust private school that has produced 19 prime ministers and molded the minds of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Since the lads' video was posted to YouTube two days ago, it has already been viewed an impressive 549,902 times. Uploaded by user Rather Rum, the video comes with the message:

Dear World Wide Internets,

Here is a hearty gift from the lads over at jolly old Eton to you.

The video also includes the lyrics to the parody, complete with such posh gems as "We go to Chambers here, it's where you go to speak to beaks," and "I've got Fixtures here, it's got a list of all my beaks."

The Guardian has even published a handy guide to the Eton lingo, which stems from a school steeped in tradition and founded in 1440 by King Henry VI.

According to The Telegraph, a representative for the storied school has confirmed the young men featured in the videoare indeed Eton pupils.

Some reviewers expressed amusement at the parody attempt, while others were surprised by the song's self-deprecating humor.

"We may be awkward, frustrated, lonely and insecure –- yes, insecure," the boys, outfitted in formal wear and sunglasses, sing. "We're not social, we can't talk to women, although we try. We're just too shy. If you approach us then we'll just break down and cry."