Beth Frey, Etsy Artist, Offers Customers The Thrill Of Fame With 'You, Warhol, Unicorn' (PHOTO)

Have you always dreamed of meeting pop art extraordinaire Andy Warhol? Have those dreams involved riding atop a majestic unicorn, with Andy at your back, ashing his cigarette as you gallop into the distance? If yes, then Montreal-based artist Beth Frey is here to make your darkly hilarious dreams come true.

Image courtesy of Beth Frey.

Frey is offering a personalized version of this photo through her Etsy shop. All you have to do is send in a couple of photos, cite your special requests (a custom celebrity sandwich, perhaps?), and voila! You'll receive your very own portrait of you, Warhol and a unicorn. It's like heaven on acid-free cardstock.

If you're still not sure if Frey's work is for you, read the artist's own description below to see if you're meant to ride the unicorn too:

So you want to be famous (Don't we all?). What good are health, happiness, and friends if you're not followed by crowds of paparazzi tracking your every move like a walking, talking Facebook status update? So you decide to go into business selling gimmick drawings of teen heartthrobs on unicorns and hope that it becomes an Internet sensation. You do it because of Warhol. Warhol made you do it. So you ride the unicorn of success with Andy, even though he's already bored of you. You succumb to a lifestyle of hard drugs and bad sex, and when you finally die, all the bloggers will be writing about the tragedy that was your life.

Let us know what you think of the Etsy deal in the comments section. And check out images from one of last week's internet art sensations in the slideshow below.

Kelly Kerrigan