You Can Now Get Free Shipping On Etsy Orders Over $35

More than 90% of shoppers say free shipping makes them more likely to become a repeat customer.

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Several Etsy shops now have free shipping.
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Several Etsy shops now have free shipping.

The holidays came early, at least for folks who are obsessed with Etsy.

The peer-to-peer marketplace known for one-of-a-kind gifts and handmade goods announced that it’s scrapping shipping in select shops for orders over $35 made in those shops.

Shoppers on Etsy can now receive free shipping to the U.S. in participating shops, which can be found using the “free shipping” filter when searching for things like pearl hoop earrings, handmade silk scarves, western hats and other top fall fashion trends for 2019.

The move is exciting for shoppers who are looking to save a few bucks come the holiday season, but it’s not entirely unexpected. In July the company announced it was encouraging sellers to offer free shipping by prioritizing shops in search that did — and in turn de-prioritizing those that didn’t off free shipping.

It’s a direct move to compete with big-box retailers like Amazon, Target and Walmart, but some Etsy store owners told The Verge that being encouraged to wrap the price of shipping into the cost of their item makes their prices uncompetitive, especially for international shop owners.

Still, the announcement is proof that even hyper-specialized marketplaces like Etsy can’t ignore the fact that 91% of consumers say the offer of free shipping makes them more likely to become a repeat customer. Another recent report from the National Retail Federation found that 75% of consumers have grown to expect free delivery even on orders under $50, up from 68 percent a year ago.

For budget-strapped holiday shoppers, however, the extra bucks saved on shipping can go a long way. If you’re curious about the kinds of items included in Etsy’s new free shipping selection, take a look below. If you’re interested in more shopping news and editor-sourced reviews, sign up for HuffPost’s sales and deals newsletter.

Below, Etsy finds with free shipping:

Personalized Cutting Board
Get it on Etsy, $27+.
Pearl Hoops
Get them on Etsy, $52.
Loose Vintage High-Waist Levi's
Get them on Etsy, $62+.
Cermaic Mug
Get it on Etsy, $30.
Handmade Snake Skin Boots
Get them on Etsy, $156.
Wool Knittted Kitty Bed
Get it on Etsy, $62+.
Modern Terracotta Clay Statement Earrings
Get them on Etsy, $25.
Brown Wool Long Knit Dress

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