The Etsy Holiday Gifts Our Editors Are Shopping This Year

Here’s what we’re buying this holiday season, from "Real Housewives" swag to affordable croc-effect leather bags.
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LoverOfLuxe on Etsy, TheNextGardenerInc on Etsy, CRUCupsStore on Etsy
Croc leather bag from LoverOfLuxe, planter from TheNextGardenerInc, Real Housewives tumbler from CRUCupsStore

I love Etsy. I can find totally niche, sentimental, personalized, special, creative presents for myself and my loved ones, all from the comfort of my own home.

And I love holiday shopping on Etsy so much, I asked all my colleagues for the best things they’ve recently bought on the maker marketplace for themselves or others.

The items range from clothing and accessories to home goods and parenting items, and they’re all reasonably priced and a little more thoughtful than something from a big-box store.

Ahead, find some pieces for yourself and your loved ones and enjoy supporting small businesses and independent entrepreneurs and creatives this holiday season.

HuffPost receives a share from retailers on this page. Every item is independently selected by the HuffPost Shopping team. Prices and availability are subject to change.

Merino wool kids’ balaclava
“I previously hyped this adorable balaclava in our October editor’s picks story when I had just purchased it, and now that the temperatures have dropped significantly, my 16-month-old wears it daily. (I got her the size small.) I haven't been able to convince my almost-three-year-old to wear hers, unfortunately, so I’ve started wearing it, and I can vouch for the fact that the stretchy, cozy merino wool is warm, non-itchy, and (as you can imagine) accommodating to a variety of head sizes, as the size medium I bought for her also fits me. I’d definitely recommend this as an affordable, handmade gift for any child or grown-up.” — Emily Ruane, shopping managing editor
A 9K gold initial pendant necklace
“I looove this London-based Etsy seller for minimal, highly affordable gold jewelry. (In addition to this necklace, I have a beaded stacking ring in mixed silver and solid gold that I've worn every single day for the past two years.) A personalized pendant necklace like this one is a no-brainer gift, and it’s hard to find one in actual gold at a more competitive price. The price starts at $57 for the single pendant, but you can get it on a 16” inch 9K gold chain starting at just $96.” — Ruane
Handmade earrings from Pache Studio
“Last year, I gave one of my close friends this pair of polymer clay earrings and she loved them! They’re handmade by Juliana Pache, the owner of the Etsy store. There are many styles and colors to choose from and they’re safe for sensitive ears.” — Kristen Adaway, shopping writer
Two succulent pots
"I purchased this set of ceramic pots with matching trays for myself a couple of years ago and I absolutely love them, especially for how reasonably priced they are. They are made with a sturdy glazed clay and are the perfect size for housing plants that are in that awkward in-between stage when they are too big for small first-growth pots, but too small for larger planters." — Tessa Flores, shopping writer
Custom "Real Housewives" wine tumbler
"In all my years of watching 'Housewives' I never really wanted to be one. (I just want to be a person in the background eating a salad while Jen Shah loses it on someone.) But I couldn't resist these Tumblrs where I could finally make 'The Real Housewives of Barrington Downs' a reality. Named for the horse-racing-themed subdivision I grew up in as a teen in suburban North St. Louis County, I'm so proud to sip my tea while imagining my dearly departed mother and her neighbors having fights over party-planning and play dates in the 'iconic' neighborhood just outside of Florissant, Missouri." — Danielle Belton, editor-in-chief
Dried floral coasters
"Life is too short to have eyesores in your home, so I recently swapped out my old, plain drink coasters for these gorgeous dried flower ones. They elevate my bedside table and desk with a pop of color, and the flowers make me feel like a little botanic spring-time fairy. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them!" — Gina Escandon, audience editor
Plants from JacquelineHomeGarden
"I've bought a lot of plants on Etsy, but the experiences I've had with the seller JacquelineHomeGarden have always been a cut above. Each one has arrived healthy and whole, packaged safely, and right on time. Don't just take my word for it, though: She's labeled a 'star seller' for having 'an outstanding track record for providing a great customer experience.' Despite the distance between her shop in California and my home in Florida, I've never had issues with plants arriving wilted or sad." — Janie Campbell, senior editor
2-in-1 kitchen helper tower
"I purchased this for my 1.5-year-old, who wants to be involved in the kitchen but is getting a bit too big to carry while I cook! It also flips into a toddler table where she can eat and do crafts." — Abigail Williams, head of audience
Personalized croc leather shopper
"After a couple of years of working at home, I needed to refresh my work bag situation when we switched to the hybrid office model. I spotted this large leather tote on a friend and knew it was the one. It's made of ultra-soft textured leather, is incredibly roomy and can be personalized with your initials, which I love. It's big enough to carry a laptop, makeup bag, a sweater and whatever I happen to pick up throughout my day. It's lightweight, elegant and looks good with just about any outfit. I've even used it as a carry-on for flights with great success. I have it in black, but it comes in a variety of colors that are chic and modern. I always recommend it to people who need a new work bag." — Lourdes Avila Uribe, senior shopping writer
Headache and eye rice bag
"I love these rice bags, especially in the winter. A couple minutes in the microwave and they help with headaches, cold feet, sore muscles, and more. Plus, there's no cord like on a heating pad, and no worry of leaks, like with a hot water bottle. I've bought several of these on Etsy and I love them, as do my husband and parents." — Paige Lavender, news director
Engraved leather photo key holder
"I bought this keychain with a personalized photo for my husband last year. He loves it because he now has a photo of our toddler nearby at all times. It has lots of personalization options so it could work for various loved ones [to mark] any number of occasions." — Sara Bondioli, senior editor
Bird desk calendar
"This is my second year buying myself these cute bird desk calendars. It's a perfect thing to have when I'm at my desk and need to figure out a date for something, and seeing the new bird for each month is a cute little surprise. You have the option of buying the calendar with the wood stand or not." — Jillian Capewell, editor
La Croix keychain and pill fob
"A dear friend of mine loves La Croix (who doesn't?) and is a big advocate of destigmatizing taking medication for your mental health (iconic!). I gasped when I found CannedGoodsStore on Etsy, which makes these amazing tiny key cans and pill holders of all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic canned drinks as well as fun mini food and items. Saving the mini spray paint in my cart now." — Griffin Wynne, shopping writer
"Real Housewives" Dorinda tea towel
"If you love to entertain (and I LOVE to entertain) and you love "Real Housewives of New York," the tea towels featuring Dorinda Medley's iconic catchphrase are just the right touch to demonstrate you 'made it nice!' without taking someone's head off. And even if your friends don't know Dorinda or her iconic catchphrase, it still works for all hosts with the most." — Belton
Kitschmas Kittens vintage-inspired stocking
"Whenever I need a pop of kitsch in my life (which is very often) I know I can always find it at Vinnie Boy Vintage. I have several of his signature pillowcase covers sporting kittens, bows and tons of pink as well as some of his bunting flags. These velvet-textured stockings are next on my list and they should be on yours too if you want to have yourself a merry little Kitschmas." — Flores
Beach sand earrings from Naturetopia Creations
"Last year I got my favorite (and only) aunt a pair of beach sand earrings from Naturetopia Creations with sand from her home state Rhode Island. She lives in Virginia now and I knew she'd love a little piece of home that she could wear. The seller is super kind and helpful, and while these exact earrings are no longer available, there’s sand from beaches literally all over the world (from Martha’s Vineyard to Normandy, France). If you're a beach bum or know someone who loves the ocean, this is a sweet and creative way to give them a beach day all the time." — Wynne
Custom Comfort Colors crew neck
"Though as a punk teenager, I swore I would never miss my hometown, I do find myself getting pings of nostalgia the older I get, and I find myself wanting to wear something with the town’s [name] on it. However, it's been surprisingly difficult to find a nice, basic, cozy crew neck that isn't from my high school or my town's field hockey team. I wished for a Comfort Color crew neck, with a washed-in color that looks almost vintage [and] the town name in block letters, so you can imagine my glee when I found CustomComfortColors, which makes exactly that." — Wynne
Cool Uncles Club sweatshirt
"Got this for my brother-in-law!" — Williams
PingHattaStudio on Etsy
Cat tarot posters
"I have not purchased anything from this shop yet, but I love everything in it. LOOK at this CAT!!!!!" — Capewell
Old English name necklace
"I have a pretty solid collection of cheap name plates and word necklaces and have tried a bunch of different sellers on Etsy. Some fall apart and turn green in two seconds, while others, like my 'Philadelphia' necklace from LenaPersonalized, deserve a standing ovation. For under $20, it's a knockout piece that's been showered with, pulled on, twisted up in the bottom of a duffle bag and lord knows what else." — Wynne
New home ornament
"This is a great personalized option for anyone celebrating the holidays in a new home!" — Williams
Wood burn earrings
"We do a HuffPost secret Santa (I know, super cute), and last year I got these awesome wood-burned earrings for my person, who said she loved statement earrings and spending time outside. I love the wood burn because it gives you such cool patterns and interesting shapes, while still being neutral in color. The shop has a ton of premade earrings but they do custom orders as well." — Wynne
Embroidered collar fleece sweatshirt
"I got this for my mother-in-law with her granddaughters' names embroidered on the collar!" — Williams
Heavy linen sheet set
"This was a major, major splurge for me, but I have absolutely zero regrets. I love linen sheets, but wanted a set that was thicker and felt a little more durable than the sheets I already owned. Thanks to a tip in the comments section of a review site, I found these incredibly silky, luxuriously soft premium Italian linen sheets that are 300 grams per square meter, almost twice as densely woven as the French flax linen sheets I bought from a major retailer, from the highly reviewed Etsy seller Lina Plus Home. Lina is based in Lithuania, so there was extra lead time for shipping, but everything about these luxurious sheets makes me deeply happy every night when I get into bed, and she was a joy to communicate with when I had a question about availability and sizing. These particular sheets come in white, off-white, flax and oatmeal, though she has other bedding in different weights in more colors. Really can't recommend her beautiful linens enough." — Campbell
Sterling silver gold plated class ring
"My mom has always worn a really simple gold class ring from her college and last year I looked into getting myself one. The prices at the actual college ring place were engagement ring level, so I took to Etsy to find a quality piece that would last a while but not cost more than $100. My ring from nidajewelers is sterling silver but gold plated. It's been worn in the shower, ocean and otherwise and hasn't tarnished. I really love it and I find myself wearing it often. I will note, I got the medium and it's kind of a statement-size ring, so if you're looking for something dainty definitely go with the small." — Wynne
Solid walnut key rack
"I wanted a well-made (and pretty) place to hang my keys in my entryway so I ordered this key hook. It has exceeded my expectations — it’s sturdy, super well made and made of gorgeous wood." — Jillian Wilson, wellness reporter
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