Etsy Sells Harry Potter Cookie Cutters And We Are Freaking Out

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What if, for some weird reason, you were forced to pick between Harry Potter or cookies? You could eat any type of cookie whenever you wanted for the rest of your life or watch and read all the Harry Potter books, movies, and spin-offs, but you cannot have both. That's a hard decision, right? Well, don't worry because not only will you probably never be faced with this oddly specific ultimatum. But, if you are, you'll have one way to still enjoy both your favorite sweet treat and the best fantasy series around. How? With the Harry Potter cookie cutters that are all over Etsy.

Bustle first brought our attention to the wide variety of HP-inspired cookie cutters available online and we are forever grateful. To browse what Etsy has to offer, simply type "Harry Potter cookie cutters" into the search bar, and you'll find cutters shaped like owls, broomsticks, and the Sorting Hat.

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There's even a cutter for any house you fall in. No discriminating against the Slytherins or Hufflepuffs of the world, y'all deserve cookies too.

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With this knowledge, go forth and fill your virtual shopping cart on Etsy. Never again will you have to choose between these two wonderful things. See more of the Harry Potter cookie cutter's Bustle curated, here.

By: Olivia Harrison

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