Etsy Shop Tour: Look Inside Glassblower Kiva Ford's Unique Studio (VIDEO)

WATCH: When Glass Meets Science, Sparks Fly

Art and science find a natural harmony in glassblower Kiva Ford's unique creations. By day, Ford creates scientific glassware specifically designed for chemistry research, from simple, custom flasks to intricate chemical reactors and extractors. But, glassmaking extends beyond the full-time job for Ford, who received his college degree in Scientific Glassblowing. In his spare time, he also creates artistic glassware as a hobby. "I get just as excited about scientific glass as I do artistic glass," Ford explains. "The whole process is beautiful to me." And, we couldn't agree more. Watching Ford mold and twist glass over an open flame absolutely captivating.

Ford finds pleasure in the artistic glassblowing done in the confines of his workshop. There, he creates everything from exquisite vases to elaborate animal figurines. Many of his designs are inspired by mythology, history and nature, but he's constantly testing glassblowing boundaries. Just take a look at his tiny glass containers, which hold even smaller glass figurines inside, like this Anatomical Heart in a Jar. "One of the things that I get the most enjoyment out of is trying to come up with new ideas -- seeing what's possible and what isn't possible," he says.

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