Etta Lopez Slaps Deputy To Quit Smoking: Cops

Just another danger of smoking.

A deputy in Sacramento, Calif. was allegedly slapped by a woman trying to kick her nicotine addiction, WPTV reported. Investigators say the slapper, 31-year-old Etta Lopez, was hoping she would get thrown in jail, where she would not be able to smoke.

Deputy Matt Campoy of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office says he was leaving the jail at about 4:20 Tuesday when Lopez stepped into his path and he attempted to avoid her.

"I stepped to the left, she stepped to my left," Campoy told the Sacramento Bee. "I stepped to the right, she stepped to my right. I stepped to the left again and she suddenly stepped into me and slapped my face."

Lopez allegedly told investigators she wanted to be thrown into jail, where she would not have access to cigarettes.

She had allegedly been waiting outside the jail for hours waiting for a uniformed deputy to emerge.

Lopez was booked into the county jail on suspicion of battery on a peace officer.

Dreamin' Demon points out that if Lopez really wants to make sure she's locked away from cigarettes, she should try kicking the judge.