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Eudaimonia, Chiropractic Care and Creating the Best "YOU"

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I love the ancient Greek word, eudaimonia! It means "human flourishing," and who doesn't want a life that flourishes? Aristotle used this term to describe the state of highest human good. In other words, this life is all about making sound choices that lead to positive, constructive activities.

As a chiropractor who has practiced for over 40 years, I said to myself, this word encapsulates exactly what I've wanted for my patients - an optimum state of well-being and the ability to live well at home and at work!

I have been concerned that some of my patients are not able to see how they can help themselves because they lack helpful and actionable information and the necessary support to make positive changes. We live in a culture that expects our health to be transformed by a pill, a treatment or a procedure. We are often too eager to hand this over for quick fixes that have no lasting effect. My challenge became how to help patients find solutions and to inspire them to take action.

We can begin by keeping our spines aligned. In chiropractic, we are aware that when we have normal spinal alignment, our nervous system is better able to allow the cells of our bodies to communicate, function, heal and adapt. Aches and pains point to the fact that the body is not working correctly. Physical, chemical and emotional stressors send the body into a defensive mode, which can cause contraction, pinching and locking of joints and nearby nerves. Chiropractors identify problems and assist the body in realigning itself, therefore allowing proper healing.

Make lifestyle and health choices that make "living well" a priority. You will be amazed, as I am, at the extraordinary healing power of your own body. Just start with a few simple changes to your daily routine and start your journey to being healthier. Here are just a few simple things that can make a huge difference in the way you feel.

Get outside - I know it may be cold out in some areas, but getting outside everyday, even for a few minutes, provides you with fresh air that is full of negative ions which can boost oxygen flow to the brain. If you add in a brisk walk, you'll get an energy boost and make yourself feel good.

Silence your phone at night - The buzzing, the pinging can wake you just enough to prevent you from getting the periods of deep sleep that your body needs. Vibrate may not be enough...turn it off.

Keep a food journal - "If you bite it, you write it." Keep track of what you are eating. Studies have shown that just the act of becoming conscious of what you are putting in your mouth, can change eating habits for the better by reducing portions and making different food choices.

Wash the linens - Dust mites, a major allergy trigger, love to hang out in your bed. Destroy them by laundering sheets and pillowcases every week in hot water. You can also use mite-resistant mattress and duvet covers.

I encourage you to be proactive in your healthcare, nutrition and fitness in building a life where you can thrive!

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