Fleshlight Model Eufrat Mai Tours Vagina Replication Factory, Internet Gets It Wrong (NSFW VIDEO)

Fleshlight Model Tours Vagina Replication Factory (NSFW)

Czech porn star Eufrat Mai is a model for a Fleshlight toy, but not for THE Fleshlight toy.

Fleshlight, a sex toy company known for making masturbatory tubes with lifelike orifices, offers a product modeled after the adult star's vagina. About a year ago, Spain's Metropolis shot a video featuring Mai touring a a Fleshlight factory to see where the replicas of her genitalia are made.

The video resurfaced this week, and now the Internet is a bit confused. Articles on Buzzfeed, Digg and BoingBoing, among others, all suggest that in fact Mai's vagina was used to create the standard Fleshlight model, but this is in fact not the case.

A Fleshlight spokesperson cleared the matter up, telling The Huffington Post via email:

The Eufrat Mai Fleshlight is actually one of our Premium products offered through the Fleshlight Girls Collection; these specific Fleshlights are not considered our Original product, they are actually custom molded from the individual adult stars genital anatomy and feature exclusive inner textures designed by the stars themselves.

The Classic Pink Lady Fleshlight is our Original Fleshlight and is available in a standard Pink sleeve featuring a smooth inner texture of the sleeve and priced more cost efficiently as the mold is a generic vagina mold rather than a replica of an adult star.

It should be noted that nowhere in the original Spanish news video does it say that Mai is the model for the generic Fleshlight, only that she is one of the models that has her own signature line of the product.

Still, the NSFW video above is worth watching on its own merits. NSFW Screen shots from said video ahoy.


BuzzFeed's breaking news reporter Alan White correctly notes that the video ventures into creep-city territory when the host starts sticking his finger in a Fleshlight.


"My father told me... that a woman has a special present," Mai said in the video. "With our vagina, we can be stars."

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