Eugene Mirman Delivers Commencement Speech At Hampshire College (VIDEO)

WATCH: Eugene Mirman's Hilarious College Commencement Speech

Comedian Eugene Mirman returned to his alma mater over the weekend to deliver Hampshire College's 2012 commencement address, and as expected, his speech was as absurd and hilarious as it was inspirational.

Mirman, who in addition to his stand-up is known for roles in "Bob's Burgers" and "Flight Of The Conchords," graduated from Hampshire in 1996 after studying comedy (the school is known for having experimental curriculum). In his speech, he describes his experience in college as well as his senior project, which consisted of writing, promoting, and producing a one-hour stand-up act.

Though Mirman had plenty of jokes for the graduating class, he also offered some genuine advice and encouragement:

"Whatever your interest, no matter how weird or unattainable or far off it seems, it's not. It's completely possible and even likely if you just consistently work at it ... You can make your own way. So just because you move to some city and there's not a job, make that job or find it or get a bunch of friends together and make something and do it."

Watch the full clip above to see Mirman's entire commencement speech, and check out more speeches from comedians below.

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