Eujo, Pet Monkey, Escapes From Backyard Enclosure, Injures 2

Two people were injured Wednesday morning in Hamilton County, Indiana when a pet monkey escaped from its backyard enclosure and surprised a sleepover party.

The monkey apparently escaped through a small door that leads from the enclosure in the yard into the house where Phelan's son was having friends over.

"I woke up to my brother's friends yelling 'monkey' and running," said Skyler Phelan, son of the Patas monkey owner, Bobbi Phelan.

Once inside, the monkey jumped on top of Skyler and scratched his head. After the boys had all run to separate rooms and locked the doors, a brother called 911 and said that their monkey had attacked Skyler, as well as the family's dog.

Although Bobbi Phelan considers the animal to be a son of hers, she also said that the monkey can be dangerous. "If he was to attack you it would take him about 10 seconds. He would go for your neck. He would hit it and you would die," she said.