Will Europe's Jobless Generation Ever Find Work?

Will Europe's Jobless Generation Ever Find Work?

Twenty-six million European youth are looking for work. Even as the Eurozone inches toward recovery, new jobs remain scarce.

In this video series, WORLDPOST asked some key European policymakers and global entrepreneurs how to respond to the challenge of Europe's jobless generation.

The trailer above includes perspectives from Tony Blair, former prime minister of Great Britain; George Papandreou, ex-prime minister of Greece; Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google; Ottmar Issing, former chief economist of the Bundesbank; Sylvie Goulard, member of the European Parliament; Ursula von der Leyen, Defense Minister of Germany and former Labor and Family Minister until this past December; and Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the Liberals in the European Parliament and former prime minister of Belgium.

Three extended interviews are also available below, and you can follow the One On One series on Twitter.

Tony Blair on a united Europe:

George Papandreou on a united Europe:

Eric Schmidt on the mobile revolution:

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