Europe's Vintage Cinemas Only Get Artsier With Instagram

It's Showtime

Instagram makes it easy to hipster-ize just about anything. And Europe's oldest picture palaces are already retro-fabulous, so when you add a filter they become the pinnacle of cool.

Add these movie houses to your must-watch list.

Here's Filmcasino in Vienna, Austria. It got an overhaul in the 50s, so there's a distinctly postwar-America vibe.

Dance, music, theater... you name it, you can find it at Cinema São Jorge in Lisbon. The main hall hosts over 800 people for its annual horror movie festival.

Have you ever seen a picture palace so charming? This little dig in Oxford has only 116 seats, one room, and two previews per show... that is bliss.

It may look traditional, but Paris's Etoile Pagode is actually a 19th-century Japanese pagoda.

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Kino International is located in what once was Soviet East Berlin. The theater used to host premieres (from the state-owned film production company) all the time, with special extra-legroom seats for party leaders. There's still a sequined curtain inside.

The Cameo in Edinburgh recently celebrated its hundredth birthday. If 3D screens feel too modern, the bar is a "nice place to grab a glass of wine."

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Colosseum Kino, Oslo, Norway

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