Europe Travel: 10 Best Food & Wine Cities, According To TripAdvisor (PHOTOS)

While there aren't many surprises (hello Florence and Paris!), the number of Italian cities on the list is rather astounding. Essentially, it seems TripAdvisor (or TripAdvisor's readers) are saying we should either all move to Italy or spend every vacation there. At least, if you want to eat and drink well that is.

There is not one but two U.K. cities on this list, yet nothing from Turkey or Greece (having been to both of those countries we can attest that we ate like royalty everywhere). For perhaps a more well-rounded list, check out our best European culinary getaways slideshow.

So what did TripAdvisor get right? What did they get wrong?

Add a slide or leave it in comments to make your case.

Check back later for the top food destinations in the U.S.