European Beard And Moustache Championships: Facial Hair Face-Off

WEIRD BEARDS: Europe's Best Beards Face-Off

The eyes of the world were on London during the Olympics, but this past weekend, the facial hair follicles were pointed toward Wittersdorf, France.

The small community in the Alsace region was the site of the European Beard and Moustache Championships, where Europe's best growers meet for a facial hair face-off.

The contest attracted more than 100 competitors from all over the globe, some opting to show off their facial hair in its natural state, while others tried to accentuate their appearance with crazy costumes and bizarre hats, the Herald Sun reported.

Things got pretty hairy for some who needed sticky tape or grips to keep their beards stashed properly.

Bearding as an activity has caught on in recent years, but even practitioners like Jeffrey Moustache, 25, a Los Angeles photographer who has been growing his English moustache since he was 15, hesitates to call it anything resembling athleticism.

"I wouldn't call it a sport," he told The Huffington Post last year. "It's pageantry for men. Honestly, you have to laugh at yourself."

The next big bearding event takes place Nov. 11 in Las Vegas.

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European Beard and Moustache Championship

European Beard and Moustache Championship

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