Eurovision 2017 - Finland's Entry

Finland is sending Norma John with their entry Blackbird. Norma John is an indie-spirited pop band formed by Leena and Lasse, two long standing friends. Their music is full of strong cinematic feel, visuality and Scandinavian rugged beauty. The duo are musical soul mates and share a quirky sense of humour. In January 2017 Norma John participating in the Contest for New Music (UMK) with nine other participants at the Espoo Metro Arena. The song Blackbird brought them a clear victory and Norma John is now Finland's 51st representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.

"We wanted to take the next step with our music and UMK was perfect for this. We felt that it was time to do this. And the Eurovision Song Contest is a fine way of bringing cultures and people together through music," Norma said.

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