Eurovision - Second Day of Rehersals

Eurovision has started! The second half of the first Semi-Final contestants had their first rehearsals today. (First half reviewed here.) The biggest surprise here was that Artsvik was not great (which was expected), but she was amazing. Win the contest amazing. And Demy also did much better than expected.

Here’s how each did (click on the links for more details & videos):

  • Armenia - Artsvik Unleashes Giant Mythical Bird During Her First Rehearsal
Fresh from the mind of acclaimed stage director Sacha Jean-Baptiste, the set instantly gives flashbacks to Iveta Muckuchyan and “LoveWave”, in that it’s slick, avant-garde and utterly spell binding. Purple — the colour of royalty and power — dominates. Artsvik owns the stage, queen like, commanding her two backing singers. The trio provide simple yet effective choreography. At one particularly inspired moment, they mimic a Hindu deity with some perfectly in-sync armography — fans are already branding it Bollywood voguing. (see more...)
  • Cyprus - Hovig Battles Gravity During Black and White Stage Show
In April he told us that he was working hard with his choreographer to nail his stage show at Eurovision 2017. And during his first rehearsal Cyprus’ HOVIG finally showed us what he’s been working on. His staging, which consists mostly of black and white LEDs, sees him walking an illuminated line in the opening moments. It sets the tone for a performance that requires a great deal of balance: He eventually jumps and must land on one foot while performing some simple but intriguing choreography along with his two backing dancers. There were so obvious balance issues — wobble here, wrong thigh position there — but he’ll surely iron that out in subsequent rehearsals. (read more...)
  • Czech Republic - Martina Barta Rocks Foiled Space Suit During First Rehearsal
She’s a jazzy singer with a smooth voice and a quietly powerful song. And during her first rehearsal at Eurovision 2017 Czech Republic’s Martina Barta used edgy staging to make her classic number more contemporary. The rehearsal opens with her hunched on the floor — back to camera — and wearing what appears to be a space suit made of gold tin foil. She slowly stands and, like her predecessor Gabriela Guncikova, undoes her pony tail to show a sassy woman in total control of herself. (read more...)
  • Iceland - Svala Goes Sci-Fi and Futuristic During First Rehearsal
She recently met with wiwibloggs in Los Angeles and promised to deliver intergalactic and futuristic staging in Kyiv. And on Monday Iceland’s Svala did just that, serving Star Wars Queen Amidala realness during her first rehearsal at Eurovision 2017. She was a vision in white, wearing a snow-coloured cape and top, which she paired with brightly-coloured spray-on leggings. By ditching the pantsuit from the national selection and adding some cute Jamie-Lee-like hair buns, she softened the visual presentation and enhanced her femininity, which might make this more accessible to many. (read more...)
  • Greece - Demy Celebrates Love With Muscled Men and a Waterfall During First Rehearsal
The performance starts with Demy standing centre stage before a dark LED that features a starry sky and raindrops hitting the floor and splashing. But Demy brings the light, working a bright red lip and a champagne-coloured dress with a very deep thigh split. A platform pushes her toward the sky — it’s a fairytale world where she moves toward the stars and unconditional love. We soon see two muscled men wearing white spray-on leggings and no shirts. Resting on their knees in a puddle and pounding the ground, they represent swans, which Demy’s team describe as “the embodiment of love.” (read more...)
  • Latvia - Skatepark Chic! Triana Park Runs Riot with Motion Capture and Neon LEDs
Channeling an off-duty skateboard queen, lead singer Agnese wore knee-high golden boots and a corset that helped define her already stunning silhouette. Not one to shy away from crazy, she wore a curly wig that moved from black root to red tip. She looked like a high-end fashion model walking in a circus-themed fashion show. (read more...)
  • Moldova - Sunstroke Project Hit the Club During First Rehearsal
Their national final staging was crazy and outré, and a reminder that Moldova can do over-the-top better than most. And during their first rehearsal on Monday SunStroke Project once again brought their endearing antics and slick choreography, which translates very well to the bigger stage here in Kyiv. (read more...)
  • Poland - Pure and SImple! Kasia Mos Preaches Freedom in Asymmetrical White Dress During First Rehearsal
Her national final performance of “Flashlight” was dark and mysterious. For Eurovision she’s lightened things up, balancing the song’s dark sound with colour and light. Wearing a translucent white dress with an asymmetrical neckline, she looked like an angel as she stood centre stage. A violinist plays in the background while she serves face and nails her vocals. The LED features a blue sky with stars. Later Kasia turns around and the spotlight shines through her translucent dress, showing off her gym-honed silhouette. A series of doves and smoke then emerge from behind her on the LED. Peace has never looked so fabulous! Another highlight? When Kasia’s circular floor illuminates with constellations denoted by bright pink lights. (read more...)
  • Solvenia - Omar Naber Scrubs up in Shimmering Suit During First Rehersal
The “On My Way” singer kicked off his comeback with staging that harked back to his EMA victory. Once again, Naber stood alone on stage with lots of sweeping shots. However, they’ve shaken things up ever so slightly. Omar is kitted out in a slightly mismatched black suit — a shimmering blazer and slacks with a white shirt. We’re still awaiting the fashion police’s verdict. (read more...)
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