Eurovision Supervisor: Australia May Receive Permanent Place in the Contest

Guy Sebastian is keen to relive 'Tonight Again', and now Eurovision Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand has revealed to Swedish Eurovision broadcaster SVT that Australia may do Eurovision again too.

News broke earlier this year that the EBU had invited Australia to participate as a guest in the contest to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of the show. We actually broke the news shortly before the EBU, ORF or SBS officially revealed the info, and our readers immediately told us we were insane (see the early comments on that post here). But of course it was true. The EBU then confirmed that Australia would vote in both semi finals and also gain a ticket directly to the final along with the host country, Austria, and the Big 5 - France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

At the time of the announcement, the EBU claimed that Australia's participation would simply be a one-off, unless Australia won the contest and then they would be able to defend their title in 2016. Now it seems that Eurovision head honcho Jon Ola Sand may take the relationship with Australia even further.

In an interview with Swedish Eurovision broadcaster SVT, Sand says that the idea of Australia participating permanently would be "interesting".

At this stage it is not known if and how Australia can be involved in the contest in the future. "Australia has demonstrated that it can deliver good things, and the interest is huge in the country. It is unclear so we will discuss whether or not to extend the contest," Sand says.

"The idea is interesting. The contest will always be held in Europe, but if other countries want to join we can bring in some interesting countries and artists. These are just thoughts though and nothing is decided."

We want to put the idea out to you guys! Would you be happy for Australia to stay permanently, or would you rather see them sashay away? Do you like the idea of offering the opportunity to other countries outside the EBU area? Or would you prefer the contest to stay unique to Europe? Comment below.

Picture reused with permission of EBU
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