Euthanized Dog Comes Back To Life (VIDEO)


As any pet owner can attest to, it was no easy task for Matt Olivarez to end the life of his 10-year-old family dog, Mia. But with spinal problems that left her barely able to walk, the veterinarian told Olivarez that there were no better options to ease her pain.

Olivarez watched as Mia was given two shots and declared deceased. He wrapped her in a blanket and took her home so the family could give her a burial. But the next day, Olivarez found Mia sitting in front of her food bowl, wide awake and obviously alive.

In this video from WXYZ News (via CNN), Olivarez expresses his frustration with the baffling situation: "What if I would have buried my dog alive? What if I had her cremated? She would've got burnt alive."

Now he is faced with the tough choice of if he should try to have her put down again, and witness the death of his beloved companion once more. "How do I explain to my kids I have to kill Mia twice?"


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