EVA Air's Hello Kitty Plane (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Cute Overload?

The Taipei-based airline EVA Air is taking adorable to the skies.

EVA Air has had Hello Kitty-themed jets since 2005, but they debuted three new jets this winter (the first flight launched on December 26, 2011, flying from Taipei to Tokyo) in celebration of the airline's 20th anniversary, an EVA spokeswoman told The Huffington Post.

The three jets in the latest fleet, all A330s, each have a them: apple, magic and global. Not exactly self explanatory.

Along with the paint jobs, there are over 100 in-flight service items passengers get when taking a Hello Kitty jet. At check-in, passengers get Hello Kitty boarding passes and bag stickers. There are also headrest covers, utensils, snacks, hand soap and lotion and meals all in accordance with the theme. Did we mention the flight attendants? They all wear Hello Kitty aprons and insignia. The airline also boasts an entire Chinese-language Hello Kitty website for extreme fans.

Hello Kitty already serves as Japan's tourism ambassador. Is this the sweet kitty's next step towards world domination?

All photos courtesy of EVA Air.

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