Eva Herzigova's Gorgeous Hair Comes Courtesy Of Vodka

Supermodels have this uncanny ability to never age. Don't believe us? Check out Eva Herzigova's latest cover shoot for Vogue Thailand to see the 40-year-old veteran work it like she just joined the modeling biz.

Decades into her career, this Czech supermodel still glows from within, prompting us to wonder if she's got some secret beauty tips to impart.

Turns out Eva actually has one unique piece of advice for how to keep that shiny, golden hair so nice. Earlier this year, Eva answered the question for French Marie Claire:

What other miracle recipes do you have to always be a stunning beauty? Drink a little vodka every night, as I read?

Do not believe everything that is written about me! My only daily vodka is that I use it to lighten my blonde hair... and it really works! My recipes? Never too much sun, drink plenty of water, rest and feel loved!

Vodka? Now there's a beauty product we have on hand. As for the skin that never ages, Eva hasn't revealed one simple cure-all ingredient... but we imagine it would involve not drinking the vodka.

eva herzigova

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