14-Year-Old Girl Delivers 'Absolutely Extraordinary' 'World Of Dance' Routine

In the words of J.Lo, this girl is a star.

“This is the biggest moment of my life,” 14-year-old dancer Eva Igo said before going onstage on “World of Dance.”

“I really hope that today I can make the judges and the audience all feel something that they haven’t felt before,” she continued.

The Minnesota-based dancer began by lying on the ground in waiting. As Bishop Briggs’ “River” begins thumping in the background, she immediately lurched upward as if possessed, balancing on her head as her spine curled into a backbend bridge.

From there, Igo moved as if powered by a sublime, alien life force, hypnotizing the audience as her body alternated between rhythmic undulations and sharp jolts. Electrifying traditional dance and gymnastic moves with a supernatural charge, Igo left the judges pretty damn mesmerized.

“You dominated that stage,” judge Derek Hough raved. “The difficulty, the athleticism, the artistry, the performance, the execution, I could go on and on and on.”

J.Lo confirmed: “Such a star.”

Watch out Sergei, Eva is coming for you.