Eva Longoria Says Latina Wage Gap Is Like Ripping A Dollar In Half

Latinas experience one of the largest pay gaps, making 54 percent of what white men earn, and Longoria has solutions.
Eva Longoria is speaking out for Latina Equal Pay Day.
Eva Longoria is speaking out for Latina Equal Pay Day.
Regis Duvignau / Reuters

Latina Equal Pay Day , which falls on Nov. 2, symbolically marks the day when the average Latina would have finally made the same amount that the average white man made the previous year — and Eva Longoria is over it.

On Thursday, the actress wrote a guest newsletter for Fortune in which she shared some harsh truths about the plight of working Latinas in the U.S.

According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Latinas experience one of the largest gender wage gaps among all women — making just 54 percent of white men’s annual earnings.

That’s less than white, Asian, black or Native American women.

Longoria starts her newsletter by breaking down the severity of the situation.

“That’s like ripping a dollar bill in half — or like working an entire week, but only getting paid through Wednesday afternoon,” she wrote. “At this rate, to earn what white men earn by age 60, Latina women would have to work until they’re 90.”

She continued: “I come from a long, proud line of smart, hard-working Mexican-American women, and this injustice strikes deep.”

Many women on Twitter echoed Longoria’s sentiments, using the hashtag #LatinaEqualPay.

Prominent Latinas, including Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada and “Orange is the New Black” star Jackie Cruz, are being vocal about how they and others can help to solve the problem.

“Think of the ways that you hold power and then challenge yourself to determine what you can do to level the playing field for Latinas,” Cruz wrote for the website Lenny. “If you are a teacher, if you own a business, if you help make hiring decisions, you have the power to do good.”

Longoria offers some researched solutions in her newsletter as well. To read them, head over to Fortune.