Eva Longoria Shouts Out The 2 'Drunkest' People At Her Wedding

A famous singer and a Spice Girl, oh my!

Don’t get too drunk at Eva Longoria’s next party, because she may name-drop you on national television. 

The “Desperate Housewives” actress sat down with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” on Thursday and revealed who she thought got the “drunkest” at her star-studded 2016 nuptials to José Antonio Bastón. 

“Ooh,” said Longoria, pausing to think before she answered. “It was a toss between Ricky Martin and Victoria [Beckham].” 

Since Beckham designed Longoria’s wedding dress, she might’ve just been relieved the big day had finally arrived.

Beckham posted a photo after the nuptials and couldn’t stop gushing over how much she loved her friend’s big day. 

“The smartest, most beautiful woman I have ever met,” the Spice Girl-turned-designer wrote in May 2016. “I feel honored to call you my friend X Such a wonderful day filled with Love.” 

Martin later posted a photo of himself partying with the Beckhams at the big bash.

Considering the blurriness of the photo and the request for a “piña colada w silver tequila please!” in the caption, it seems like everyone had a great time. 

Cohen’s line of questioning was part of a segment called “Shady Questions” on his show, and Longoria stayed safely away from the shady zone (though things did get a little awkward). 

When asked if she’d watched former “Housewife” actress Teri Hatcher’s YouTube series, Longoria said she “didn’t know she had one” with a slight smile as the audience laughed. 

Longoria also denied that her friend George Clooney ever tried to pursue or date her or that she’d turned him down. 

Clooney aside, Longoria was previously married to NBA player Tony Parker before tying the knot with Bastón.