Eva Longoria Meets The Pope, Is Literally #Blessed


Actress Eva Longoria shook hands with Pope Francis on Wednesday -- and, from the looks of it, she's a big fan. 

Longoria posted a photo of the meeting on her Instagram account, along with the caption: "Praying with Pope Francis 🙏🏻 #Blessed #Literally."

According to Fox News Latino, the star is currently vacationing in Italy with her fiancé Jose Antonio Baston.  She was one of a crowd of thousands who attended the pope's general audience, which is held in St. Peter's Square on Wednesdays. 

Praying with Pope Francis 🙏🏻 #Blessed #Literally

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Longoria was raised Catholic, but like a number of American Catholics today, her faith journey has led her to adopt positions that differ from official church teachings. She's pro-abortion rights and she supports marriage equality. She is also divorced and will soon be remarried, which, according to Catholic church doctrine, is immoral.

Still, Longoria has been upfront about how important her religion is to her. She's spoken publicly about how her family would attend masses and honor saints' days when she was a child, and she reportedly grew up participating in Catholic Daughters of America, a woman's organization within the church. 

"I really looked at [the church] as an institution that provided guidance as to how we were raised," Longoria said in an interview with Parade. "To me, the Catholic church was inclusive. It included the blind, the poor, the minorities, the disabled.”

This isn't the first time the "Telenovela" star has made it a point to spend time with the pope. In 2015, Longoria visited the White House to hear Pope Francis speak during his trip to America. 

Life moment happening today! #HisHoliness #PopeFrancis #BlessedToBeHereWithMySisterLiza

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