Eva Longoria And Ricardo Chavira In Mini-'Desperate Housewives' Reunion On 'Welcome To The Family' (VIDEO)

It only took three episodes before "Welcome to the Family" reunited Ricardo Chavira with his former on-screen "Desperate Housewife." Eva Longoria dropped by for a guest spot as Demetrio's new teacher. And in a fun little tie to their on-screen past, she was also Miguel's ex-girlfriend, Ana.

Ana wanted to reminisce with Miguel, but Miguel quickly picked up on the fact that his wife was feeling very threatened by this beautiful teacher. Especially as Lissette was contemplating the fact that she was about to become a grandmother. Unfortunately, this culminated in Lissette acting out by telling Demetrio that he didn't have to do the homework Ana assigned. That plan backfired, though, as she wound up being called in for a meeting alongside her husband. So she basically brought them back together for some more awkwardness.

Those two scenes were the only ones Longoria had in the episode, but as Demetrio's teacher, she's set up to easily return later in the season. That said, there needs to be a later in the season for that to happen. As Variety notes, the cancellation clock is ticking" on "Welcome to the Family," which is struggling to find an audience.

Longoria's hometown paper, the San Antoio Express-News, loved this episode, calling it the best one yet. “If you’ve been disappointed by the sitcom, this is the episode that could very well draw you back in," Jeanne Jakle wrote for the paper.

The story of star-crossed families continues on "Welcome to the Family," Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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