Eva Mendes Hints At Secret Marriage To Ryan Gosling With Curious New Tattoo

The mysterious little wrist tattoo may be a serious clue to the longtime Hollywood power couple's relationship.

Eva Mendes, who’s never revealed whether she and longtime Hollywood power partner Ryan Gosling are married, posted a new photo on Tuesday that may contain a major clue.

The photo on Instagram shows Mendes covering her face with her left forearm showing a small tattoo reading “de Gosling,” which translates to “of Gosling” in English.

Gosling and Mendes began dating while filming “The Place Beyond the Pines” in 2011, per Harper’s Bazaar. They initially tried to keep their romance a secret, but became one of Hollywood’s hottest couples after they were spotted traversing Disneyland and strolling through Paris in 2011, attending the graduation of Gosling’s mother in 2012, and finally at a red carpet appearance in 2012.

They welcomed daughters Esmeralda in 2014 and Amada in 2016, but never confirmed or denied being married, according to Page Six.

“I know that I’m with the person I’m supposed to be with,” Gosling told Hello! magazine in 2015, before being asked what he looks for in a woman. “That she’s Eva Mendes. There’s nothing else I’m looking for.”

Mendes and Gosling first appeared on the red carpet together in 2012.
Mendes and Gosling first appeared on the red carpet together in 2012.
Sonia Recchia via Getty Images

The Spanish preposition “de” can translate to “of” in English and may signify a person’s committed post-marriage relationship with their partner.

Mendes shared a more subtle photo of her tattoo in September. The new pose, however, appears to make a bolder statement and may foreshadow an upcoming reveal about the couple’s relationship.

Gosling gave a shoutout to Mendes in 2017 after winning his Golden Globe for “La La Land.”

“While I was singing and dancing and playing piano and having one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on a film, my lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second, and trying to help her brother fight his battle with cancer,” Gosling said in accepting his award.

“If she hadn’t taken all that on so that I could have this experience, it would surely be someone else up here other than me today,” Gosling continued. “So, sweetheart, thank you.”

Mendes later told Women’s Health that Gosling’s speech “was like a dream,” and said his mention of her brother “was the most beautiful gesture, and I had no idea Ryan was going to say it.”

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