Evacuation Cruise! Only $10,000! (plus applicable taxes)

Now some wretched American tourists have managed to get stranded in some foreign war-zone and expect the US government to bail them out! Who do these people think they are?!
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The US government is insisting that prospective US evacuees from Lebanon sign a promissory note promising to reimburse the government an unspecified amount for their evacuation. Their passports will be unusable till all the money is re-paid.

Typical bleeding heart stuff from Nancy Pelosi. Requesting that George W. Bush waive charges that the US government is insisting on collecting from Americans getting a free ride out of Lebanon.

Many of the Americans will be evacuated on The Orient Queen - a giant Love Boat-style cruise ship. Probably serving much nicer American food than all that foreign chow they dish up in Beruit. That alone is worth a few thousand bucks. And now there are people complaining about having to pay for this luxury jaunt. As though this country owes vacationing Americans a free cruise!

Look Nancy - there's a war going on. A war to eliminate the tax burden on billionaires. There are some billionaires who are still paying tax at the moment. A deeply unpleasant experience if you're down to your last few billions. George W. Bush and the Republicans are doing all they can to eradicate this blight on America's reputation and have already managed to introduce some fabulous tax cuts over the past five years. No thanks to you liberals with all your whinging and whining about education, housing and health care. How do those things profit wealthy Americans? Get real Nancy!!

Now some wretched American tourists have managed to get stranded in some foreign war-zone and expect the US government to bail them out! Why can't they fly out on the same private plane they flew in on? Or get the corporate jet to pick them up? But nooooooooooo. Typical nanny-state liberal thinking - they insist on Big Government to rescue them. Who do these people think they are?! Always expecting a free ride...

Look - there may well have been some selfish people who got out a free lift out of Saigon in 1975 on that last chopper out. But that was under Gerald Ford - who was practically a socialist. If Ford had been more considerate of rich people - he'd have had every last man-jack of those American cowards fleeing Viet Nam dip into their pockets and pay for that helicopter ride! If they'd been at Disneyland on a "Nam" ride - they'd have been quite happy to fork out a few bucks for a chopper ride with a bit of Viet Cong strafing thrown in for effect...

So enough of this pinko bleeding heart stuff. This is a new world Nancy. And if a few unpatriotic US tourists who insist on vacationing overseas, wish to escape from the consequences of an absence of American Middle-East diplomacy over the past five years - they are jolly well going to have to pay for it. We will NOT harm our billionaires on the backs of selfish American tourists...

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