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New Yorkers Are Preparing For The Hurricane By Buying Cute Rain Boots (VIDEO)

New Yorkers are known for being fashion-savvy, rain or shine.

So "The "Early Show" decided to go downtown in Manhattan to see how citygoers were preparing for the big storm, which is forcing evacuations in low-lying parts of the city.

Apparently, New Yorkers are buying rain boots. Really cute, expensive rain boots. And thus they have been dubbed "Evacuistas."

Reporter Taryn Winter Brill asked several shoppers in shoe boutiques, "Have you thought about your disaster kit?"

The skeptical-looking New York women all replied, "No, I have not." Instead they had gone shopping for rain boots from brands like Hunter (we really like the lace-up, high-heeled pair in the clip!).

"I mean, if you're going to be out and walking around in all the slush, you might as well try to be a little fashionable," said one chic woman.

We totally agree. Excuse us while we leave the office to go pick up some Hunter wellies.


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