Obviously Stylish Teen Wears His Bathrobe For His Senior Portraits

Evan Dennison thought he was a "legend" before he took his senior photos. Now, there is no doubt.

Evan Dennison was just an ordinary teenager in Portage, Indiana, with a dream of becoming a “legend.”

Sure, many teens have that dream, but Dennison believes he has achieved that goal at the tender age of 17 ― with the help of his trusty bathrobe.

The incoming high school senior wore the bathrobe for his senior photos in lieu of some itchy suit and neck-choking tie.

“Most graduation pictures I see are really formal and stuff, so I didn’t want to do that,” Evan told Inside Edition. “I wanted it to be something that was like really funny, not so formal, kind of goofy, so I decided it would be way better done in a bathrobe.”

Instead of informing his mother of his plan to achieve fashion immortality, Dennison sprang it on photographer and cousin Tiffany Clark when she picked him up for a photo session in a nearby field.

When Dennison showed up wearing sweats, not khakis or jeans, Clark wondered where his actual clothes were, she told the Indianapolis Star. Dennison promised he would change once they got to their location.

He did ― into that beloved bathrobe of his. Clark tried to talk him out of it, to no avail.

“He’s stubborn. He absolutely refused to do anything except for in his bathrobe. I didn’t want to do it, and I couldn’t stop laughing,” she said, per the IndyStar. “When I get home, I had like 95 pictures of him in his bathrobe doing weird stuff.”

Dennison enjoyed the shoot but admitted to the IndyStar that it was weird when people he knew drove by. The moment he broke the news to his mom was a little awkward, too, especially since his photos went viral after Clark posted them on Facebook.

In a move that probably won’t be described by anyone as a shocker, Dennison’s mom has chosen not to hang his bathrobe photos anywhere in the house.

“She loves that everyone loves them and that they reflect my personality so well, but she’s still very unhappy with them as my senior photos,” Dennison told Today.com.

Still, he and Clark have promised they will eventually take more photos in “mom-appropriate” clothing, per Today.com.

As for his goal of becoming a “legend”? Dennison said that was never in doubt.

“I’ll be honest with you, I considered myself a legend before I did this,” Dennison told the IndyStar. “This just took it to the next level.”

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