Evan Peters And His Porcelain Skin Would Like To Play Ivanka Trump In 'American Horror Story'

*Golf clapping.*

Evan Peters, who has brought upon the “American Horror Story” universe such characters as a teenage mass murderer, a country boy framed as a serial killer and the ghost of a gay art collector is considering a fresh challenge: playing Ivanka Trump.

The longtime “AHS” actor told The Hollywood Reporter about his ambition after throwing his support behind co-star Sarah Paulson’s cheeky bid to take on the role of Donald Trump in the series’ upcoming election-themed season.

“Sarah can play anything, so she can definitely nail Trump,” Peters told the publication. “I’d love to see her portray Trump because he has so many external things that she can really [dive into]. If Sarah can play Trump, I will play Ivanka.”

The alabaster skin and level gaze that have made his visage such a natural fit for the horror anthology would, strangely, serve him well as the first daughter. Like his colleague Paulson, Peters certainly has the acting chops to round out the role.

Unfortunately, the odds of this particular casting choice seem slim.

Series co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed in February that the popular show’s seventh season will revolve around the 2016 presidential election. Although there may be “a Trump,” Murphy has since clarified that the season will not explicitly recall the events of the race and its main players. Rather, Trump and Hillary Clinton will provide background for the events of the show, which have remained tightly under wraps. 

Other details have thus far come in wisps: Billy Eichner is set to appear in “mysterious tank tops,” and Billie Lourd will co-star alongside Paulson and Peters when the season begins, on election night, sometime this fall.