Evan Peters Reveals His 'X-Men' Character Quicksilver's Future

The fan favorite looks to play a bigger role in "Apocalypse" than he did in "Days of Future Past."

As great as "X-Men: Days of Future Past" was, as packed with exciting moments and bravura acting, it's surprisingly easy to name the movie's best moment. One peak stood above the rest: The scene where Evan Peters' Peter 'Quicksilver' Maximoff used his powers to take down a roomful of cops so he, Magneto, Wolverine and Xavier could escape the Pentagon. Peters moved so fast that time seemed to slow to a crawl. And the way the Oscar-nominated visual effects team rendered his speed felt magical even in the era of omnipresent CGI. 

Indeed, our only complaint about Peters' character was that he wasn't in the movie long enough. But it made a kind of sense in the movie, because Peter was still an irresponsible teen living in his mom's basement. He couldn't necessarily go on endless adventures without upsetting his mom, and he wasn't necessarily mature enough to tag along with Xavier's crew. 

But "X-Men: Apocalypse," the next installment in Bryan Singer's saga, is set several years after "Days of Future Past" -- giving Quicksilver time to grow into the amazing character he was always destined to become. And in a recent interview with Details magazine, Peters confirmed that that's exactly what's happening. 

"The story is that my character is searching for his father and wants to find him," Peters said. "It starts there and then he jumps on the X-Men train and gets sucked up in this whole Apocalypse madness: He tries to stop him from destroying the world."

To be clear, Quicksilver's father isn't some new character. He's almost certainly Magneto. That's who he was in the comic books, and an off-hand remark in "Days of Future Past" all but confirmed that he was in the movies as well. This jibes with the official synopsis of "X-Men: Apocalypse," which says that a powerful, ancient mutant named Apocalypse will recruit Magneto to his side. 

The brains behind "Apocalypse" also haven't forgotten what makes Quicksilver so appealing in the first place; Peters said a few months ago that they're working on a special effects sequence demonstrating his powers that will top even the one in the last movie. Maybe it'll even be awesome enough to help us forget the weird, Eastern European version of Quicksilver in "Avengers: Age of Ultron." 

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