Evander Holyfield Unable To Avoid Foreclosure On $14 Million Mansion

Evander Holyfield's Unable To Avoid Foreclosure On $14 Million Mansion

Evander Holyfield's in trouble again, and it has nothing to do with Mike Tyson this time.

The former heavyweight champion has proven unable to avoid foreclosure on his Georgia mansion, TMZ reports. Holyfield reportedly owed roughly $14 million on the home, which was been sold at auction for only $7.5 million.

Holyfield has fallen quite far since the 1990s, when he allegedly amassed roughly $250 million, according to Yahoo! Sports. The boxer's ongoing financial struggles have been well-documented for years.

What's been eating away at his fortune? For one, Holyfield owes nearly $500,000 in annual child support payments, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. That's spread across the "at least" 11 children Holyfield has fathered, according to Yahoo! Sports.

But Mr. "Real Deal" is not the only former celebrity that has let money problems follow him home. Athletes, in particular, have become famous for their financial troubles. Two years into retirement, three-quarters of former NFL players are already bankrupt, according to Sports Illustrated.

Even Mike Tyson, the man who famously battled Holyfield's ear, was forced to declare bankruptcy almost a decade ago. Be careful with your money, kids.

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