Evangeline Lilly Wants To Write Kids' Books: 'The Squickerwonkers' Is In The Works (VIDEO)

"Lost" star Evangeline Lilly wants to break into the children's book business, she told Craig Ferguson last night on "The Late Late Show." And now that the much-loved TV series is over, what else is she going to do? "I write everything across the board, kids' stories and novels and scripts, and all sorts of things," Lilly said. She went on to tell Craig about a children's book she has written called "The Squickerwonkers" and then to recite the beginning of the book to him. She ended with the mysterious "but there's a secret that lies behind the Squickerwonkers' name, a horrible secret that give Squickerwonkers shame" -- and told Craig that he'd have to read the book to discover the secret.

Lilly hasn't attempted to get the book published yet, but she should have no trouble with a cute premise and a wake of celebrity-written children's books to follow.