Eve and Adam (After a Crayon and Pencil Drawing by Francoise Gilot)

You force fed me your forbidden fruit.
I choked on that red offering.
I could not swallow anymore.
You smiled with sadistic scorn.
You didn't wait for my coughs to stop.
You thrust more apple down my mouth
Without reason, punishing me
Stuffing shards shouting, eat, eat, eat!

Tyranny compelled me to run
From paradise to the unknown.
I said goodbye to the garden.
I left you to find my freedom
Where I, not you, do the choosing,
Understanding what I'm losing:
The comfort of the familiar,
Eden, benign spirit killer!

I look at my reflection.
My fingers trace worn wrinkled skin,
Unseen tattoos my body bears,
Magic inked invisible scars;
Icons of your displaced self love.
Serving you was never enough.
You were hunger and lust and greed,
An insatiable trinity!

Am I the only one who sees this?