Eve Reveals Plans For A New Clothing Line, Plus Her Style Evolution (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Is Eve Bringing Back Her 'Fetish' Clothing Line?

Before the 2012 Essence Music Festival wrapped up in New Orleans Sunday night, one of our favorite female MC's, Eve, hit the stage.

It's been a while since we've heard much from the "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" rapper, so it was a treat to see her moving the crowd with her impressive list of hits.

Word on the street is that Eve's gearing up for the highly-buzzed-about Ruff Ryders tour, where she'll reunite with DMX, The Lox and Alicia Keys' hubby Swizz Beatz. That's exciting, but we really wanted to know what's up with her defunct clothing line, Fetish By Eve.

We caught up with Ms. E-V-E after her EMF performance to chat about her killer personal style and whether she plans on bringing back Fetish (for the third time).

Tell us about this amazing sequined tie-dye dress you're wearing.

The dress is by a company called Ashish, which I'm obsessed with. It's easy and comfy. But, it's also glamorous -- so it's the best of both worlds for me. And I'm usually not a color girl, but I love this dress. The shoes are Louboutin. They hurt but they're worth it.

We've loved watching your style evolve over the years. How would you describe your personal style now?

I would call it "easy glamour." I hate the word "easy" though, because "easy" and "glamour" just don't sound good together. But, I'm the kind of person that likes something simple with a splash.

Is there anyone you look to for style inspiration?

Not really. It's more about osmosis. You know what I mean? That's what fashion kind of is. I'm always watching something or seeing something that inspires me. And it's really just about how I feel, more than anything else.

We were sad when your clothing and accessories line Fetish shut down again in 2009. Do you plan on bringing it back?

There will be something, but it won't be Fetish. I gave that up -- the partners got on my nerves. But there will be something; you'll see something soon.

Fabulous! How soon?

Probably not until after you hear some music from me. I want to focus on that first and then I can birth something else.

So, what can we expect from the new collection once it launches?

It will be more shoes then it will be clothes.

No clothes at all?

There will be, but not like it was before. It won't be based on the clothes, it will be based on the shoes. I'm sure I'll bring in some jewelry and handbags at some point. I love accessories!

Here's a look at Eve in her eye-popping Ashish dress at the 2012 Essence Music Festival Sunday night, and check out the slideshow below for Eve's awesome style evolution:



Eve's Style Evolution

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