Evel Knievel Is Riding Into the Next Sundance Film Festival

It’s no secret Johnny Knoxville is a fan of extreme stunts, so it’s no surprise he teamed up (through his production company, Dickhouse) with an Oscar-winning director, Daniel Junge, to bring you what is sure to be the most high-flying film to premier at January’s Sundance Film Festival: Being Evel, a biographical documentary about Evel Knievel’s life.

From HēLō:

The film has been a passion project for Oscar-winner Junge, no stranger to seeing his films premiere in the festival circuit (Tribeca, SXSW, and Toronto to name a few). A brash, at times lurid, but oft-celebrated character, Knievel’s life is revisited through exclusive interviews from those who knew him best, along with archival footage to bring viewers back to when the larger-than-life Knieval reigned as the king of madmen. Jeff Tremaine, resident HēLō master of Epic Nights, joins forces with Mat Hofmann as producers of the project. Knoxville additionally serves as the host of the film, reflecting on Knievel and the legend who inspired a new generation of thrill-seekers and stuntmen, and paved the way for daredevils to become celebrities in their own right.

If there ever was a biography that needed to be captured by award-winning and passionate filmmakers, Evel’s might be it. His epic jumps (and crashes) like the Snake River Canyon and Caesars Palace jumps made him a household name, but his life off the screen was just as colorful with positives and negatives throughout. From feuding with the Hell’s Angels to encouraging kids to not use drugs and wear helmets to beating the shit out of a 20th Century Fox VP to selling his own paintings from an RV, Evel’s life was full, and we can’t wait to see the documentary ourselves.

We’ll keep you updated with any trailers, teasers, or other generally badass things about this documentary. (Also, swing over to HēLō to see some of their other awesome projects.)

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