Evelyn Yard Gallery at Art Cologne 2016: Ry David Bradley (VIDEO)

At Art Cologne 2016 Evelyn Yard Gallery presents a solo exhibition with works by digital painter Ry David Bradley. For these works Ry David Bradley takes screenshots of images of surveillance cameras that show landscapes. He then distorts these images and dye transfers them onto synthetic suede. The soft material allows him to work into the suede and then fix the "painting". At Art Cologne, he for the first time left the work unfixed. He wanted to engage the viewer and allow the audience to "paint". So the works are never really finished. In this video, Rachelle Lunnon (Evelyn Yard Gallery) tells us more about the artist and his work. Ry David Bradley was born in 1979 in Melbourne. He lives and works in New York City and Melbourne.

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