Amy Schumer's 'Disappointing' Lap Dance Raised Nearly $3,000 For Charity

Amy Schumer's 'Disappointing' Lap Dance Raised Nearly $3,000 For Charity

Well, this turned out to be anything but a train wreck.

During the premiere of Amy Schumer’s latest film, one super lucky fan won the grand prize for a charity raffle, a lap dance from Amy Schumer.

But it wasn’t just any provocative number.

Courtesy of Adam Fein

The comedienne promised it to be “disappointing” and for the funds to support the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society, according to Crowdrise, the group that organized the campaign. While she certainly delivered on the latter, her smooth moves were hardly a letdown.

“It was as great as you might imagine and not at all disappointing,” Adam Fein, the raffle winner and CEO of Drug Channels Institute, said in a statement.

Fein was so moved by the campaign that he’s launched a follow-up fundraiser for the MS Society and had collected nearly $3,000 as of Thursday afternoon.

He vowed to match donations up to $5,000.

But don’t expect Schumer to be busting out “the swim” again anytime soon.

Courtesy of Adam Fein

The actress was inspired to get involved in this fundraiser because of her personal connection to MS. Her father was diagnosed with the condition when she was a child -- that fact was included as part of the story line in “Trainwreck,” according to a press release.

And while Fein is eager to donate his money after this “life-changing” experience, he would like someone to remind Schumer that she still owes him change from his $20 tip.

Learn more about the MS fundraiser and how you can get involved here or donate through the Crowdrise widget below.

CLARIFICATION: This post has been updated to reflect the amount of money raised for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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