Even Busy Philipps' Kids Think Their Mom Is 'Super Lame' Sometimes

The actress' 8-year-old daughter has some opinions.

Since the beginning of time, parents have been embarrassing their kids (or so we like to imagine). And even celebrities are not immune to this phenomenon.

On Sunday, Actress Busy Philipps posted a photo of herself with her 8-year-old daughter, Birdie, sharing a milkshake on Instagram.

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“Tried to get Birdie to do that thing where we drink our milkshake at the same time. She rightfully thought it was super lame and couldn’t stop laughing at me,” she wrote in the caption.

Philipps and her husband, Marc Silverstein, have two daughters ― Birdie and 4-year-old Cricket.

The actress has confessed to embarrassing Birdie in the past. Appearing on the “Who? Weekly” podcast, she said her daughter was not a fan of her viral Instagram Stories moment when she was locked out of their house in the rain after getting drunk with her BFF Michelle Williams during the Golden Globes festivities.

“A couple days later she was like “Mom, the sixth grade girls on the bus watched your Instagram story where you were drunk and locked yourself out of the house. Like seriously, Mom?” Philipps recalled her older daughter saying.