Even Ted Cruz Knows RompHims Are Ridiculous, As Proven By His Tweet

Let this trend be over, please.
05/19/2017 11:05am ET

Seems like politicians are linked to fashion more than ever these days. Ivanka Trump is constantly in the news for her clothing line, Sarah Palin ruined the off-the-shoulder look for half of Americans, and now Ted Cruz is weighing in on the RompHim.

The Texas senator tweeted about the romper for men while partaking in a caption contest for a viral photo of Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Ben Basse and Sen. Tom Cotton.

Cruz (or potentially one of his aides) wrote:

And many found it funny:

But others weren’t impressed:

And some just wanted more fashion commentary from Cruz:

Regardless, we’re ready to stop talking about the RompHim.

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